Hoop Vinyasa

I’m honored to be one of the co-creators of Hoop Vinyasa. In this fusion of hula hoop dance and vinyasa yoga, we use hoops as static tools to help with alignment and stability in yoga asana, and as flowing tools to stay present… and have fun!

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Thai Massage Bodywork

Thai massage inspired bodywork restores and relaxes from the daily stresses of New York City (and then some!). We can help your mobility, address muscle stiffness or joint issues, or serve you up a rest deeper than any nap! Full-body treatments are typically 90 minutes.

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Yoga Workshops

Workshops available for studios and private groups. Workshops I’ve commonly taught include: Introduction to Thai Massage, Foundations of Hatha Yoga (4-week course), 108 Sun Salutations, Hoop Vinyasa.

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Yoga Privates

Your personal yoga teacher, focusing on what you need for body and mind. We can schedule a weekly or bi-weekly session for ongoing personal instruction. Or, you can complement your regular group classes with a single session for one-on-one refinement. Small group and private group sessions also available.

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