I love hearing feedback from my students! If you feel inspired to send me your thoughts, I would be honored to include them here.


“I’m the mother of three grown sons and I have been practicing yoga since I was fourteen. For much of my life I have self practiced, but for the past several years I have been taking classes with Jewels. Her classes are so energizing. She is very much in tune with her fellow yogis. Her classes are centered around the needs of the participants. Jewels always begins her classes by “checking in with everyone”. Whatever we need, that’s what we do. She definitely has a plan, but it is flexible. Sometimes I am not even sure what I need, but when class with Jewels is over, I definitely have received what I need and more. Her classes bring a smile to my heart, grounding to my whole being and a sense of shared joy. Inner strength and courage is also supported as Jewels provides challenging options and specific intelligent cues to reach new heights, depths and twists! I think it’s great that her name is Jewels because she is so much more than just one gem!”
– Leslie Craigo, Yoga student


“Participating in Jewels’ January Yoga Series was a wonderful weekly treat. As a practicing yoga instructor, I found her series informative, soothing, and relevant. She seamlessly catered to a group of students that ranged from teachers to absolute beginners. Her weekly e-mails and class themes were constructive and transformative. Jewels’ series went above and beyond my expectations. Her bubbly and personable demeanor were an added bonus as well. I highly recommend this series to anyone looking to start their practice or refine their existing practice.”
– Lauren Mitchell, Yoga teacher


Jewels is a DIAMOND! And of course, Om Factory is a wonderful place to learn, grow, breathe, and stretch into and out of your comfort zones! The opportunity to play and explore with Jewels to guide is an experience that should not be missed. There is so much that the circle brings to the mat and the mat offers to the circle. The yin and yang of hoop and yoga are the core of my personal practice, and something that keeps me learning and growing. Jewels is truly a gifted teacher and a treasure.”
– Claire Chisolm, Yoga teacher


“I find it an immense pleasure to be able to play with Jewels. She is a wonderful mentor and person, and I never leave a class of hers without feeling different than I came in, better than I was before. I generally leave feeling centered, uplifted, and also thoughtful of whatever story or lesson Jewels might have included into the practice. She is the sweetest soul, and I feel blessed to know her.”
– Cadence Owensby, Dancer and yoga student


“I’ve been through the Yoga jungle with Jewels as my guide and come out smiling every time. She’s an absolute ace and you won’t find a better person to help you in your practice. And that’s a fact, Jack. I sure hope your name is Jack. That’d really make that claim a home run. But whether you’re an experienced veteran or simply beginning your adventures, Jewels has the uncanny ability to challenge you, encourage you, and help you achieve your goals no matter what your level is and I guarantee you’re in for the most positive, enriching journey.”
– Kyle Fletcher, Yoga student (once in a while)